Digital Refrigeration Thermostat

The refrigeration thermostat is our main products, all our digital thermostats here can control the power supply status of the refrigerator, some of them offer extra options like

  • Dual temperature zone, one cooling, another freezing;
  • editable compressor delay time;
  • evaporation defrosting controls;
  • fan time controls;
  • alarm output to external alertor;
  • alarm delay;
  • high and limit for setpoint;
  • The light source switch on/off;
  • separately admin and user menus, and so on.
refrigeration controller in super market

Therefore we split this refrigeration temperature controller into the below types:

Refrigeration Thermostat Types

Refrigeration/Cooling only

These digital thermostats only offer one output relay to connect a refrigerator; usually, be the freezer temperature controller for cold control.

Refrigeration or Heating Thermostat

These digital temperature controllers also only offer 1 output relay, which could wire a refrigeration load or a heating unit at one time, you just need to change the function mode in the menu list.

Refrigeration and Heating

STC-1000 offers 2 output relays, one for connecting a refrigerator, another for wiring a heater, it could control both the cooling and heating device at the same time, and will auto switch between them, according to the temperature changes.

Refrigeration and Light Control

Besides the temperature regulation button, commercial cooling devices like the glass door display fridge usually require a light switcher, with which the users could show the commodities to buyers at peak time, it is not like the residential fridge which only needs lighting when opening the door.

Refrigeration with Dual Ranges

Dual temperature zones, one thermostat, suit refrigeration equipment which owns two separate cabinets, one for chilling 2 to 4°C, another for freezing -18°C.

Refrigeration and Defrost Control

walk-in freezer room usually requires a long term & huge volume refrigeration working, this will make the evaporator iced, defrosting is a necessary step in this case, and our defrost thermostat could control the thawing time and temperature so that low down the cost and reach higher efficiency.

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