TCC 6220A temperature and light controller with push buttons

TCC-6220A Refrigeration and Light Controller (2 loads & Push Buttons)

Custom Service & Bulk Price of Digital Panel Electric Lamp + Compressor Controller with 2 output relays & Push Buttons ❆ Commercial Purposes ❆ China Haswill

TCC-6220A is a commercial-purpose digital temperature controller with 2 output relays to control the refrigerator and light.

Minimum order Amount: 200 USD


  • Push type buttons;
  • High light LED digital tube;
  • Controllable temperature range from -30 to 20 °C as default, other range customizable;
  • Control light turn on/off;
  • within 1 NTC sensor.

Front Panel

Wiring Diagram

wiring diagram of TCC 6220A temperature and light controller
wiring diagram of TCC 6220A temperature and light controller


FAQ of Haswill Big Panel Thermostat

  1. How to get the price?
    Click the inquiry button, and finish the form, you will get a reply in a few hours.
  2. Celsius VS Fahrenheit
    We offer all digital temperature controllers default in Celsius degrees, some available in Fahrenheit with different MOQs.
  3. Parameter Comparing All Industrial Controllers
    Big-panel digital temperature controllers tables
  4. Package
    The standard package is usually 20 KGS, please get in touch with us for details of the specific product models.
  5. Accessories
    Buy 5% ~ 10% spare parts like clips and sensors (if removable) as stock is a better plan.
  6. Warranty
    Default one-year (extendable) quality warranty to all our controllers, we will offer a free-of-charge replacement if found a quality defect.
  7. Customization Service
    If you can not find a suitable temperature controller on this website, We will help you develop it based on our existing mature products ;
    Thanks to China's complete set of related industry chains, our customized thermostats are of high quality and low price;
    the MOQ is usually from 1000 pieces. don't hesitate to contact us for customization services.

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Minimum order Amount: 200 USD

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