TCC-8220A programmable thermostat could controls dual separate temperature zones, one for freezing -18°C, another for chilling 4°C.

TCC-8220A Cooling and Freezing Electric Controller (2 loads & Push Button)

MOQ: 100 USD

Features of Dual zones Thermostat TCC-8220A:

  • Dual windows show refrigerator and freezer room temperature separately at the same time;
  • Push type buttons;
  • High light LED digital tube;
  • Controllable temperature range from -30 to 20°C as default;
  • within 2 NTC sensors, default 2 m length, ends with a metallic covering;
  • Deluxe acrylic front Panel.

Front Panel of Dual Zone Thermostat TCC-8220A


The setting of the Dual-zones Thermostat TCC-8220A 

E1Lower Limit for Setting SP -30SP-05°C
E2Upper Limit for Setting SP SP2012°C
E3Temperature Hysteresis / Return Difference012005°C
E4Compressor Delay Time00102Min
E5Temperature Calibration-202000°C
F1Defrosting Lasting Time016020Min
F2Defrosting Cycle / Interval Time00240Hour
F4Display mode when defrosting:
01 Show the sensor temperature instantly;
02 show the sensor temperature of the defrost beginning moment.
C1Upper Limit for AlarmC212080°C
C2Lower Limit for Alarm-45C1-25°C
C3Alarm Temperature Hysteresis012002°C
C4Alarm Time delay006002Min

There are dual zones for each compartment (cold room and freezer room) temperature control in TCC-8220A, but their function menu is totally the same as the above table shows.

How to set the intention temperature?

Press the "SET" key, then press the "UP" or "Down" key to adjust it; it will auto-save and quit to instant temperature readout interface in 6 seconds; you need not press any key to save data.

How to set the other parameters?

Hod the "SET" key for 6 seconds to enter the function menu list; you will see "E1".

Wiring Diagram of Dual Zone Thermostat TCC-8220A

wiring diagram of TCC-8220A Temperature Controllerwidth=

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MOQ: 100 USD