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Digital Data Logger

Haswill Temperature data Logger

Temperature Logger

Digital thermometer data logger with USB,  Reusable, max records 48000 groups of the temperature data array,  typically be vaccine and fridge data logger.

Temperature Range from -30 ℃ to 70 ℃.

Haswill Humidity data Logger png

Humidity Logger

Digital hygrometer data logger with USB,  Reusable, max records 48000 groups of humidity and temperature data array,  typically freezer room, seafood data logger.

Temperature Range from -30 ℃ to 70 ℃.
Humidity Range from 1 % to 99.9% RH.

haswill electronics disposable usb temperature data logger recorder 0 featured image

Disposable Logger

One-time temperature data recorder with USB,  low price, and small MOQ.

haswill electronics tt18 4g disposable temperature humidity recorder 00 thumbnail

Wireless Recorder

Bluetooth, 2G, 4G, Wifi, IoT temperature and humidity recorders

Digital Thermostat

universal purpose programmable temperature controller for sale from China

Universal Thermostat

-50 °C Min Control
300 °C Max Control

All-Purpose & Professional

Control Heater, Refrigerator, Defroster, External Alarm, and Evaporation Fan; For walk-in freezer room, fermentation tank, aquarium, etc.

Power Strip Thermostat

-40 °C Min Control
110 °C Max Control

Household & Simple

Plug and Play; Easy Operate; Control Heater, Refrigerator, for reptiles, aquarium, etc.

Haswill Electronics STS-1211 smart thermostat power strip heating or refrigeration
China commercial temperature controller for sale

Commercial Thermostat

-30 °C Min Control
30 °C Max Control

Commercial & Integratable

Control Compressor and Light; For Food Cold Storage/Display Fridge, Medicine / Vaccine Cabinet, etc.


Digital Thermometer

BBQ thermometer for sale from China haswill

Food Thermometer

BBQ, Kitchen Cooking, Milk, Water Meter

Fish Tank thermometer

monitor the temperature of the aquarium

digital thermometer for aquarium low price
car thermometer for sale from China

Car Thermometer

Show the temperature of in/out motor vehicle

Lab Thermometer

Digital thermometer with a probe, stainless covering

lab thermometer from china haswill
digital in out thermometer clock 3 in 1 from china

Clock Thermometer

Temperature Meter and Time Clock 2 in 1

LED Thermometer

High Light Red Font Temperature Meter

Digital LED Thermometer
data logger digital thermometer and temperature controller factory show China haswill electronics
Temp data logger, digital thermometer, and temperature controller factory – China haswill electronics
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