Haswill Electronics (Kerda & Haswell Trade) is a mainland China company, we have offered to measure and control solutions related to temperature, humidity, time, and light since 2010; With friendly cooperation relationships with manufacturers in China, we are helping small distributors and users to get products directly from China at a lower price and in-time delivery service.

The main products cover digital thermometers,  digital temperature controllers, temperature and humidity data loggers, refrigeration units, and Electric thermo-hygrometer for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

They were widely used in food storage and processing, e.g. agricultural products, Meat, and Poultry, Flower, Seafood, Dairy, cover the storage of Blood, Pharmaceuticals, Clinical Trials, and Vaccines, they also offer products suited for HVAC, aquariums, and reptile equipment, sauna room, and foot spa and more.

haswill digital thermometers for sale
Digital thermometers and hygrometers
Customize temperature controller from China
Compact Panel temperature controlled climate Controller suit for Reptiles
Temperature monitoring and logging device