STC-9200 Refrigeration Defrost Digital Thermostat with Fan Control

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China STC-9200 Compact Panel Defrost Fan Thermostat - wholesale price, user manual, troubleshooting, wiring diagram, Setting guide video, and alternatives

The STC-9200 digital defrost thermostat was designed to control the Refrigeration & Evaporator Defrost & Evaporator Fan power supply status through the 3 output relays and 2 NTC sensors. Typically suited to freezer rooms that need to control the evaporator effect and cold airflow.?

Minimum order Amount: 200 USD


Regarding the voltage of this electronic temperature controller

  • 220V AC (±15%) as the default, Without MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirement;
  • 110V AC (±15%) with MOQ 200 PCS;
  • 12V DC with MOQ 200 PCS;
  • 24V DC Without MOQ requirement;

STC-9200 Defrost Thermostat Features

  1. The temperature set-point ( -50 .0 to 50.0 ℃) and hysteresis to determine the target temperature range; And the High and low limit to the Temperature Set-point available;
  2. Control the refrigeration by temperature and editable delay time;
  3. Control the defrosting by temperature and editable delay time, and the artificial forced-defrost available;
  4. Supply an editable water dripping time;
  5. two options of time count mode for defrosting cycle;
  6. Defrost sensor temperature lasting showing on display is achievable;
  7. The alarm by error code on display and the buzzer screams, and the over-temperature alarm function can be disabled;
  8. Control the over-temperature alarm of the freezer room by time and temperature;
  9. Control the fan by the Time & Temperature.

Features 1 to 8 as the same as the STC-9100 defrost temp controller; feature 9 is about the fan control.

new STC 9200 temperature controller
new STC 9200 temperature controller

STC-9200 temperature controller Benefits

  • Multiple working modes for the evaporator fan, Cover most of the scenarios;
  • Separately administrator and user menus, are easy to operate for users, and the set-point range could be limited in the lockable admin menu;
  • Forced refrigeration & forced defrosting manually are available;
  • Sufficient options for defrosting settings, like water dripping Time, defrosting lasting time, defrost interval time, Defrosting Stop Temperature, and the Count mode of defrost cycle
  • Batch upload/download configure data to the controller support by Copy-Key;
  • Large and clear LED display with 0.1°C resolution;
  • 2 pieces waterproof NTC temperature sensor (2 m length sensor cable) with ±1°C accuracy;

Elitech STC-9200 Temperature controller Front Panel

There are four keys on the front panel, the single press usually for checking existing values; the combination keys for setting; please learn more from the manual.

Wiring Diagram of STC 9200

2020 New Wiring Diagram of Digital temperature controller STC 9200 from Haswill Electronics 2020 New Wiring Diagram STC 9200 temperature controller


STC 9200 digital temperature controllerControl Refrigeration Defrost Fan wiring photo
Wiring photo of STC 9200 digital temperature controller can Control Refrigeration & Defrost * Fan
  • Port 1#: The live wiring from the input power will be output to loads from other ports (#2/3/4) if conditions are reached, It’s dangerous if you connect the wrong wire.
  • port 2#: The relay for connecting the compressor;
  • port 3#: The relay for wiring defrosting unit on the evaporator;
  • port 4#: The relay for Fan output;
  • port 5# & 6#: input power for STC-9100 working, no need to distinguish live or zero;
  • port 7#: The NTC Sensor for measuring the room temperature;
  • Port 8#: Co-point for dual temp NTC Sensor;
  • port 9#: The NTC Sensor for measuring the instant temperature of the defrosting unit on the evaporator;
  • Copy-key: Mini USB port suit to bulk configure controllers.
Old Wiring Diagram of Digital temperature controller STC 9200
Old Wiring Diagram STC 9200

Function Menu of STC-9200 Controller

STC-9200 Temperature Controller exist two coding versions,
the 2nd col. is the acronym of function in English
the 3rd col. F is abbreviation of the Function,
Cate.En F FunctionMinDefaultMaxUnitMenu Level
Temp.SETF01SP (Temperature Set-Point)LS-5US°CUser Menu
HY F02Temperature Hysteresis / Return Difference1225°C
US F03Upper limit for SPLS2050°CAdmin Menu
LS F04Lower limit for SP-50-20US°C
AC F05Delay Time for Compressor
Delay time for defrosting (only for thermal air mode)
Defr.IDFF06DefrostCycle / Interval Time06120Hour
MDFF07Lasting Time030255Min
DTEF08Stop Temperature-501050°C
FDTF09Water dripping Time02100Min
TDFF10Defrosting Mode:
EL: defrost by electrical-heating;
HTG: defrost by thermal air
DCTF11Count mode of defrost cycle:
RT: Cumulative time from controller power on;
COH: Cumulative time of the Compressor woking.
DFDF12Display mode when defrosting:
RT: Shows the room sensor temperature;
IT: Shows the defrost sensor temperature (lasting
10 min after defrosting over)
FanFNCF13Fan output modes when FOT ≥ 0:
CTR: Fan Starts by FOT, Stop by FST;
O-N: continuous working except defrosting begins,
C-N: FOD value is the seconds for Fan starts later than
the compressor starts, Fan stops if defrosting begin.
FOTF14Evaporator sensor Temperature for Fan Starts-50-10FST°C
FODF15Time delay for Fan Starts:
FOD < 0: FOD value is the seconds for Fan starts
earlier than the compressor starts,
Fan stop if refrigeration stops.
FOD >= 0: The Fan was controller by FNC
FSTF16Evaporator sensor Temperature for Fan StopsFOT-550°C
AlarmALUF17Room sensor Temperature to Trigger AlarmUpper LimitALL5050°C
ALLF18Lower Limit-50-50ALU°C
ALDF19Time delay01599Min
Calib.OTF20Temperature Calibration-10010°C
The EN code and F code version are both available.

How to set the temperature?

The room temperature was defined from "F1" to "F1 + F2" (from "SET" to "SET + HY");

You can set them in the user interface or the Admin Interface, below is the method for the administrator.

  1. Enter the Admin Interface: hold the [SET] key and the [Down] key at the same time for 10s; you will see the code "F1" ("SET").
  2. Press the [SET] key to check the current value, and press the [Down] key or the [Up] key to change the F1 value;
  3. Press the [SET] key to save the new data, and back to the menu list, you will see the code "F1" ("SET") again.
  4. Switch to the "F2" ("HY") code by pressing [UP] the key.

Please reference section 4.1 in the PDF instruction for the "setting method in user interface".

How to Configure the Defrosting

This unit controls the defrosting by Time and Temperature.

  1. Temperature Condition: the evaporation sensor temperature is lower than the preset "defrosting Stop temperature" F8 (DTE), which is a significant value to prevent over defrost.
  2. Time Condition 1: the real-time passes the preset interval time F6 (IDF), a regular parameter for almost all defrosting thermostats.
  3. Time Condition 2: If the "defrosting method" you take is the hot gas from the compressor reverse rotary when F10 = 1 (TDF= HTG), it will count the compressor's last stops moment plus F5 (AC), which is a protective value to avoid the compressor frequently startup and stops.

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How to set the Evaporation Fan?

Check the F15 (FOD) value before others, as the below mindmap shows.

how to set fan parameters of the stc 9200 defrosting thermostat from haswill
how to set the fan parameters of the STC 9200 defrosting thermostat from haswill? ref this mindmap

User Manual of STC-9200 thermostat Free Download

Please be aware that the English page only displays the English version of the user manual, please switch to the corresponding language page to download the PDF manual in other languages.

Haswill Electronics created these user manuals according to the Elitech STC 9200, we can not assure you that they are the same if your device is made by other manufacturers like sigma, sterownik, Kamtech, or Finglai.

STC-9200 Error Code

    • E01 and E02 mean temperature sensors can not get valid data, maybe the thermistor cable is open or short, E01 for the room sensor, E02 from defrosting sensor;
    • HHH/LLL code means the sensor measured temperature value beyond the measurable range; please find the detailed formula from the STC-9200 instruction.
    • The display is blinking non-stop (Number readout flashing) means the room sensor exists a problem; the detected instant temperature exceeds the allowed range; please check your compressor and change the working status if necessary after fixing the temp sensor.
Most errors could be solved by replacing a new sensor, please find more solutions from the below user manual.


FAQ of Haswill Compact Panel Thermostat

  1. How to avoid buying Inferior temperature controllers?
    here is a simple method, that does not require professional knowledge.
  2. How to get the price?
    Click the inquiry button, and finish the form, You will get a reply in a few hours.
  3. Celsius VS Fahrenheit; and Voltage
    All of our digital temperature controllers default in Celsius degrees, and part of them is available in Fahrenheit with different minimum order quantities;
    Besides the 220V AC (±15%), these electronic temperature controllers also are available in 110V AC, 12V DC, and 24V DC (110 / 24 /12 Volts ).
  4. Parameter Comparison
    Catalog of Compact panel digital temperature controllers
  5. Package
    The standard package could load 100 PCS / CTN digital temperature controllers.
  6. Accessories
    We suggest you buy 5% ~ 10% spare parts like clips and sensors as stock.
  7. Warranty
    Default one-year (extendable) quality warranty to all our controllers, We will offer a free-of-charge replacement if found a quality defect.
  8. Customization Service
    If you can not find a suitable temperature controller on this website, We will help you develop it based on our existing mature products ;
    Thanks to China's complete set of related industry chains, our customized thermostats are of high quality and low price;
    the MOQ is usually from 1000 pieces. don't hesitate to contact us for customization services.

or more questions? Click FAQs

Minimum order Amount: 200 USD

As one of the distributors of Elitech, Haswill Electronics offers the Original Elitech Brand version at a competitive price.

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