STC-8080H Refrigeration Defrost Digital Thermostat

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China STC-8080H Compact Panel Defrost Thermostat - wholesale price, user manual, troubleshooting, wiring diagram, Setting guide video, and alternatives

STC-8080H refrigeration defrosts thermostat is a high-low limit temperature controller offers two output relays; it offers the programmable compressor protection time, and the editable alarm delay time.

Minimum order Amount: 200 USD

STC-8080H Temperature Controller Features

  • The lower limit and the upper limit determine the target temperature range, from -40 to 50 °C; Set them directly by shortcut key;
  • Embed NVM to auto memory exists parameters, resume all data once power back, need not configure it again;
  • Adjustable Temperature Calibration;
  • Control the refrigeration by temperature and editable delay time; the compressor works 15mins and stops 30 mins once found sensor error;
  • Control the defrosting by time and the artificial forced-defrosting available;
  • Alarm by error code on display, and the buzzer screams;
  • Control the alarm by temperature and editable delay time.

STC-8080H Digital Temperature Controller – Front Panel

8080H temperature controller

STC-8080h temperature controller

STC 8080H temperature controller Wiring Diagram

2020 New Wiring Diagram of Digital temperature controller STC 8080H 4cm
2020 New Wiring Diagram of Digital temperature controller STC 8080H


  1. The NC is a close point normally, it will open when the load is working, not mean “always close point” as some temperature controller factories marked, please do not misunderstand this.
  2. Internal components of this controller powered by 24V DC, it does not output AC electricity; hence you have to wire all live and null wires to each port; you may use the jumper wire conveniently.
  3. Below is a step by step video of how to wire the 8080H controller

stc8080h defrost thermostat Wiring video by haswill 720


refrigerator and defrosting controller stc-8080h Wiring Wiring Diagram
Old STC–8080h Wiring Diagram

Function Menu of STC-8080H Defrost Thermostat

F1Temperature for Refrigeration StartsF250-10°C
F2Temperature for Refrigeration Stop -40F1-20°C
F3Temperature Calibration-550°C
F4Compressor Delay Time093Min
F5Exceeding Value more than F1 to Trigger Alarm05015°C
F6Alarm Delay Time09920Min
F7Defrosting Cycle / Interval Time0998Hour
F8Defrosting Lasting Time09920Min
This controller offers two extra options more than the STC-8080A+ refrigeration defrost controller. They are the editable delay time for the compressor and the alarm delay time setting.

How to set the temperature?

The aimed temperature range was defined from "F1" to "F2" ; you need to set both.

  • F1, refrigeration starts.
  • F2, refrigeration ends.


  1. Hold the [SET] key for 3s, and the code F1 will appear.
  2. Press the [Up] or [Down] key to get the aim function you want to update;
  3. Press the [SET] key to check the existing value; Hold the [SET] key meanwhile press the [Up] or [Down] key (composite key) to change the value;
  4. Release all keys once it reaches your aim value; Repeat operation from Step 2 / 3 / 4 to adjust other parameters;
  5. After configuring all values, press the [RST] key to save data and back to normal monitor status. Attention: the modified value will be saved automatically and back to normal status if without operation in 30 seconds.


STC-8080H Digital Thermostat Setting Guide Video

The following video shows how to configure and operate the 8080H defrost controller This video also available in other languages voices, select it from the Upper-Right Corner of the below video

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STC8080H Defrost Controller Error Code and Trouble-Shoot

  • E1: memory unit broken
  • E2: thermistor error
  • HH: 99°C < Instant temp. < 120°C
Most errors could be solved by replacing a new sensor, please find more solutions from the below user manual.

STC 8080H Thermostat User Manual Download

Please be aware that the English page only displays the English version of the user manual, please switch to the corresponding language page to download the PDF manual in other languages.

  • Above PDF instruction is the English version manual for STC-8080h; You may find Spanish, Russian, and other versions (if available) from the corresponding language page;
  • This User instruction was created based on the Elitech STC-8080H; thermostat, we can not assure you this brochure also works to the same models from other manufacturers.


FAQ of Haswill Compact Panel Thermostat

  1. How to avoid buying Inferior temperature controllers?
    here is a simple method, that does not require professional knowledge.
  2. How to get the price?
    Click the inquiry button, and finish the form, You will get a reply in a few hours.
  3. Celsius VS Fahrenheit; and Voltage
    All of our digital temperature controllers default in Celsius degrees, and part of them is available in Fahrenheit with different minimum order quantities;
    Besides the 220V AC (±15%), these electronic temperature controllers also are available in 110V AC, 12V DC, and 24V DC (110 / 24 /12 Volts ).
  4. Parameter Comparison
    Catalog of Compact panel digital temperature controllers
  5. Package
    The standard package could load 100 PCS / CTN digital temperature controllers.
  6. Accessories
    We suggest you buy 5% ~ 10% spare parts like clips and sensors as stock.
  7. Warranty
    Default one-year (extendable) quality warranty to all our controllers, We will offer a free-of-charge replacement if found a quality defect.
  8. Customization Service
    If you can not find a suitable temperature controller on this website, We will help you develop it based on our existing mature products ;
    Thanks to China's complete set of related industry chains, our customized thermostats are of high quality and low price;
    the MOQ is usually from 1000 pieces. don't hesitate to contact us for customization services.

or more questions? Click FAQs

Minimum order Amount: 200 USD


Regarding the voltage of this electronic temperature controller

  • 220V AC (±15%) as the default, Without MOQ (minimum order quantity) requirement;
  • 110V AC (±15%) with MOQ 200 PCS;
  • 12V DC with MOQ 200 PCS;
  • 24V DC Without MOQ requirement;

As one of the distributors of Elitech, Haswill Electronics offers the Original Elitech Brand version at a competitive price.

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