A Comprehensive Guide To Buying A Refrigeration Thermostat

A Comprehensive Guide To Buying A Refrigeration Thermostat


Last updated on November 17th, 2022 at 02:31 pm

Refrigeration controls are important components of any refrigeration system since they help maintain the right temperature in your unit. However, finding the right thermostat for your needs can be a challenging task. Refrigeration thermostats have different properties and usage scenarios – you need to make sure you’re choosing the one that will serve you best.

This guide is here to help you understand the ins and outs of refrigeration thermostats so that you can confidently invest in one. We’ll cover everything from types of thermostats to maintenance tips – there’s something in here for everyone!

Benefits of Using a Refrigeration Thermostat

  • Increased product quality – Using a thermostat to regulate the temperature inside your unit will help minimize product quality issues. This is especially important for fresh produce – a few degrees’ swings can make a huge difference.
  • Improved efficiency – A thermostat regulates the temperature inside your unit, which in turn regulates your electricity consumption. A refrigeration system operating on a thermostat will consume less electricity than a system running at full power. This is because a thermostat regulates the amount of power needed to keep the temperature inside your unit at the desired level.
  • Minimal maintenance – If you have a thermostat, you don’t need to open your cooling unit as often. Now, this, in turn, minimizes the chances of something going wrong.

What is a Refrigeration Thermostat?

STC-8080H refrigeration thermostat

A refrigeration thermostat is a device used to regulate the temperature of a cooling system. The thermostat is responsible for turning your compressor on and off based on the temperature setting.

Types of Refrigeration Thermostats

There are three main types of thermostats used in refrigeration systems.

  • The mechanical thermostat is a temperature-controlled switch that’s manually operated by turning a dial or sliding a lever.
  • Vacuum thermostat – A vacuum thermostat works by removing the air from the cooling system with a vacuum pump and then using the pressure differential to turn the system on and off. Most vacuum thermostats are used in commercial refrigeration systems.
  • An electronic thermostat is a control system that uses a sensor to measure temperature, followed by a microprocessor that calculates the appropriate amount of cooling power. Specifically speaking, it uses a temperature sensor/thermistor to feel the room temperature changes, after which it sends a signal to the microcomputer, which will calculate the instant data and compare it with the preset target temperature value, after that to notice the electrical switch change action or not, turning the unit on or off as needed; If you have interesting to learn the principle of the thermostat, please read “Digital Thermostat Introduction for beginners

Each operates a little differently. However, they all share the same general purpose: to keep your food fresh! We are going to introduce digital refrigeration thermostats here.

Why Electronic Thermostats?

More Accurate & stable

Electronic thermostats are more accurate and reliable than their mechanical counterparts, and they allowed separate chambers with different target temperature values.

More Intuitive & Easy to Operate

Digital thermostat features an LCD screen and access to a menu where you can set various parameters like the set point temperature, temperature hysteresis, and so on, just follow the user manual, and a middle-school student could set it up in 15 mins; You must cost have a lot of time to gather experience if using the traditional Bimetal controller,

Types of Digital Refrigeration Thermostats

According to different attributes, there are many methods to Classify refrigeration thermostats, e.g.

  • by Dimension/Shape
  • by Interaction​
  • by Function
  • by Configuration / Setting

You may read this page to learn more about it.

How To Choose A Refrigeration Thermostat?

As you see, there are dozens of digital refrigeration thermostats here, then how do choose a thermostat for your refrigeration system?

First, you need to make sure that the thermostat you’re buying is suitable for your system. Now, you might be wondering, “What does ‘suitable’ mean?” Well, for starters, the thermostat should fit your cooling system – its dimensions need to match those of your system. That is why the sidebar menu list shows

  • Panel Thermostat – Compact
  • Panel Thermostat – Big

Next, you need to make sure that the thermostat has the right functions you required, it is about how many outputs relay it owns, and what type of load it will connect to. In this progress you will get some user manuals in PDF or image format, read them seriously, if easy to understand, that is good news to you; if their instruction is hard to learn, ask the supplier to offer a video or a better method. Haswill Electronics offers the easiest user manuals which are free to download on each product page, and releases setting guide videos on youtube.

Last but not least important, find a reliable supplier of digital thermostats since there are so many fake/knockoff controllers on the market. The thermostat is an important part of any refrigeration unit, it is the brain of your cooling system, therefore you can directly buy the original one from Haswill Electronics, we will send it from our China factory, and you will not foolish by some unscrupulous profiteers.

What Refrigeration Thermostats do we sell?

Refrigeration Thermostats with Compact Panel

Refrigeration Thermostats with Big Panel

Now, You will find how easy to choose a suitable refrigeration controller, meanwhile, you will get an easy-read brochure that will help you completely master the configuration method in a short time.

Buy Refrigeration Thermostats from Haswill Electronics is your wise decision!