U11# USB Temperature Data Logger

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Haswill digital USB temperature logger with a temperature thermistor monitors and records the temperature value every 1 minute (editable), powered by a 3V DC button battery.

These temp loggers are reusable, typically be the traceable temperature data logger for refrigerated storage and shipping of food and medicine, especially after the Covid-19 vaccines are available.

Four types of temp data loggers are on this page according to the temperature sensor position and temperature range.

Package: 200 PCS/CNT.

Minimum order Amount: 200 USD

Haswill USB Temperature Data Loggers List

Measure Range-20 to 60 ℃-20 to 60 ℃-30 to 70 ℃-30 to 70 ℃
Sensor PositionBuilt-inExternalBuilt-inExternal
USB Temperature Data Loggers with built-in sensors with mini sizes could be put inside the fridge, incubator, etc; for smaller Spaces, such as water chillers, you may select temperature recorders with external probes for easy insertion.

haswill digital temp datalogger with USB Port for sale
haswill digital temp datalogger with USB Port for sale

Minimum order Amount: 200 USD

U114(10C) & U115(10T) Temp Dataloggers Basic Feature

  1. High Accuracy: ± 0.5 ℃ in the range of -20 to +40 ℃, and ± 1.0 ℃ outside of that range;
  2. Capacity: read up to 48,000 values;
  3. IP 65 class waterproof;
  4. USB 2.0 port logger: plug and play, no extra drive required; auto search data and mapping temperature curves.

    PDF Report with temperature graphic curves
    PDF Report with temperature graphic curves
  5. The LCD shows 8 central values on display.
  6. Menu List loop switch;
  7. Only exist two keys, but with 6 operating methods
  8. Compact size and lightweight, pocketable & portable;
  9. External sensor data loggers (U114E & E115E) wired with a 1m cable, 3mm Ø
  10. Low Battery Indicator: Visual Alert Alarm icon when crossing predefined thresholds;
  11. Non-detachable USB protective cover to avoid loss.
  12. The Programmable lower/upper limitation for triggering an alarm on display.

Programmable Features

Configure the below features with the Free Data Acquisition software from Haswill Electronics

 advanced features of haswill USB temp data logger to records temperature only
advanced features of haswill USB temp data logger to record temperature only
  1. Your configuration could be saved as a new template to bulk update other loggers;
  2. Support Fahrenheit Unit (℉), default as Celsius Degree (℃);
  3. Editable Sampling period, default as 1 minute, min 10s and max 86400s (24 hours), step +10s;
  4. Individually Over-Temp Sample Period/Logging Rate, in case of room temperature over the safety line, this setting helps record more data at a faster frequency (10s as fastest); besides, there is an alarm delay time adjustable from 0 to 240 Min.
  5. Calibrated temperature option available in this logger
  6. The calibration value default is hidden; you may display it with a few clicks.

    how to calibrate the temperature and humidity of haswill USB data logger
    how to calibrate the temperature of the haswill USB data logger

Haswill USB temperature logger Benefits

  1. Re-usable: Replaceable 3V Lithium Battery CR2450
  2. Energy-saving: 1 year at 1 sample per 10s, and the maximum standby time is nearly three years ( Experiment condition: the sampling period is 1 min and the room temperature stable as 20℃);
  3. Wipe Data Shortcut key: 10s to clean all records.
  4. Key Locker: to avoid accidentally touching;
  5. Reliable: Offer rewrite option, allow or forbidden rewrite the old data, it is upon you;
  6. Portable, small volume;
  7. Plug-and-Play;
  8. Affordable Price, cheap but more than what this datalogger costs;
  9. Long continuous working period, 5 Days 13 Hours and 20 Minutes for the minimum 10s intervals;
Dimension of Haswill pocket USB Temperature Data Logger
Dimension of Haswill USB Temperature Data Logger is small, Easy to carry in your pocket
Haswill digital USB temp data logger with replacable button battery
Haswill Reusable Datalogger with replaceable CR2450 button battery
Haswill U114 USB temperature logger with IP65 waterproof benefit
Haswill U114 USB temperature logger with IP65 waterproof benefit
Haswill U114 temperature logger with USB port measure and record temperature from minus 20 degree to 60 Celsius Degree
Haswill the U114 temperature logger range from -20 degrees to 60 Celsius Degree, U115 from -30 to 70 °C
  1. The top three sections are the real-time temperature, the date, and the instant time; The date and clock will be auto-synced once you insert this unit into a Computer.
  2. The below part of the above photo shows five sections; the middle one is how many records save in this logger. The first two are the measurable temperature range of this unit; the last two are the max/min value in the memory.
Haswill USB digital temp data logger max records 48000 data
Haswill USB digital temperature data logger max records 48000 data, default 1min sampling period continuous working a full month


Sample PeriodTotal SecondsTime Span
10 s4800005 Days 13 Hours 20 Mins
30 s144000016 Days 16 Hours
1 min288000033 Days 8 Hours
2 min576000066 Days 16 Hours
5 min14400000166 Days 16 Hours
10 min28800000Almost 11 months

Haswill digital USB temp data logger support Celsius and fahrenheit swtich
Haswill digital USB temp data logger support Celsius and Fahrenheit switch
Haswill temperature thermometer logger custom pacakge and logo 2
Haswill USB thermometer data logger offers OEM package and logo


Cold-Chain transportation

With Haswill simple but powerful vehicle data logger temperature tracking in the cold chain during shipping becomes easier and more saving. The refrigerated truck driver needs to focus on driving, need not stop driving, and check the container’s room temperature again and again. The container receiver could track everything from the USB logger.

Freezer Warehouse / Cold Storage

Compared to the traditional refrigeration temperature monitoring system with multiple devices, our DC refrigeration data logger is easy to portable, and the price is affordable; The professional cold storage temperature morning system is expensive, and It usually takes months to design and build, it is unnecessary for most small freezer room/warehouse owners.

Server rack Temperature monitor

The server room generates much hot gas, and air conditions last day after day, much more possible to break than the residential application. Smart manager installs a thermometer monitor or a digital thermostat with an alarm function, but those devices cannot memorize the data. They show you the real-time temperature no matter whether you have time or not, today the datalogger fixed this problem.

Video Tutorial of Haswill USB Temperature Data Loggers Usage & Setting

This video is also available in other languages voices, select it from the Upper-Right Corner of the below video

PDF User Manual Download

U114(10C) USB Temperature Data logger User Manual.pdf

U115(10T) USB Temperature Data logger User Manual.pdf

Alternative Products

  • Elitech Temperature Data Logger RC-5 is the same thing as our U115 temp logger but with a different shell, and a price higher
  • U135(10TH) records both the temperature and humidity
  • STC-200+ Temperature Controller could wire an outside alarm, the remote audio device will go off once the room temperature is over the safe line you set
  • STC-9100 is like STC-200 but offers more options, mainly the defrost thermostat with an alarming function.

Minimum order Amount: 200 USD

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