Digital Thermostats with Touch-Sensitive Keys

Last updated on November 17th, 2022 at 02:20 pm

This page will introduce some digital temperature controllers with touch-sensitive keys (not touchscreen) from Haswill Electronics.

  • What is the difference between them?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages?

Products Attributes Compare

Digital Thermostats with Touch-Sensitive Keys for sale_cr

STC-230X Line touch-sensitive thermostat

From the below table, we find all of the STC-230X use the same mold from the shell and the touch-sensitive keys, the main functions are different, and the quantity of the attached NTC sensor is not the same, do the relays.

TCC line Touch-sensitive thermostat

Regarding the TCC line thermostat, most of them are the non-programmable thermostat, they were mainly installed on the display fridge;

You could easily know that the key distinctions of these simple temperature controllers are

  • the controllable temp range;
  • with light control or not;
  • Panel dimension.

We are not going to make more explanations about the TCC line touch-sensitive thermostat here.

The Difference in Functions of STC-230X


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F1Defrosting Lasting TimeN/AExist Exist Exist
F2Defrosting Cycle / Interval TimeN/AExistExistExist
F3Defrosting Cycle / Interval Time Count modeN/AExistExistExist
0: The sum working time of the controllerN/AExistExistExist
1: The sum working time of the compressorN/AExistExistExist
F4Water dripping TimeN/AExistExistExist
F5Defrosting by,N/AExistExistExist
0 = Electric-Thermal, N/AExistExistExist
1 = Hot Air, N/AExistExistExist
2 = Natural WindN/AN/AN/AExist
F6Defrosting Stop TemperatureN/AN/AExistExist
F7Fan modeN/AN/AN/AExist
F8Delay Time for the fan 1st time running
(count time from the F4 over moment )
F9Delay Time for the compressor ProtectionExistExistExistExist
F10Alarm Delay time
(count time from the controller power on)
F11Alarm Over-Temperature ValueExistExistExistExist
F12Alarm Delay time after F10
(count time from the F10 over moment)
F13Calibration = Real - Measured TemperatureExistExistExistExist
F140: Refrigeration Mode;
1: Heating Mode

The STC-2301 thermostat is without the defrosting controlling function, and it is just one output relay inside; the other three units all can control the defrost by time, but with a small difference:

  • STC-2302 controller owns two relays, one for cooling, and another for the defrosting unit; and it only offers the time options for the defrosting control, therefore it is just one probe for the room temperature measuring;
  • STC-2303 owns two relays like STC-2301, but exist 2 sensor probes, the 2nd sensor should be put nearby the evaporator; This controller offers an additional “Defrosting Stop Temperature”  in F6 besides the time controlling, it will end the defrosting once found the 2nd sensor temperature value reach the F6 temperature point;
  • STC-2304 owns 3 relays and 2 sensors, two relays like STC-2303,
    • the 3rd output for connecting the evaporation fan, we could find there are multiple fan modes available in F7
    • And F8 is an exclusive option for the stage of the compressor starts, this could prevent the hot air been blown into the storage cabinet;
    • Meanwhile, one more option than STC-2302 and STC-2303 is the “defrosting by the wind” in F5, it is a low-speed method to melt frost or ice on the evaporator since the cabinet air temperature is usually just a little higher than the temperature nearby the evaporator, on the other hand, it will save energy.


  1. STC-2301 controller allows artificially switching the working mode to heating or cooling, but without the defrost control function.
  2. STC-2302 defrost thermostat is a universal one to control the compressor and defrost simply by preset time;
  3. For more precise control of the defrosting progress, the STC-2303 digital defrosting controller could satisfy the “Defrost Stop Temperature” option;
  4. At last, the STC-2304 defrost thermostat owns the full functions of the STC-2303, besides, it can control the fan action, e.g. the cold air from the compressor at different stages usually exists temperature gaps, The fan will only blow the cold gas into the room by setting the F7  value.
  5. TCC lines can control the cooling machine, and some of them can turn on/off the light.

At last, Digital thermostats with touching sensitive buttons

  • offer a longer life since there is no physical wear and tear to keys, and more actions are achievable,
  • another important thing is you will not poke it out of the wall with too much force when configuring the temperature controller.
  • at last, they all offer two editable “Alarm delay time” options, one for the boot time, and another for the remaining time.